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GooWorld Networks

is a privately owned company based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. We are involved in the day to day delivery of IT Networking services.

The mind is like a parachute. It doesn’t work unless it’s open.

The Capital of Canada

Come and visit our beautiful capital. Ottawa is a beautiful G8 capital and global technology center. It offers a rare mix of economic and academic opportunities in tandem with cultural and recreational experiences.

• Quick facts

A population of over 1.2 millions makes the Ottawa region the fourth-largest urban area in Canada.

Ottawa is home to such high tech giants as Cognos Inc, Corel Corp, XWave, Mitel, Cisco and Entrust.

Canada's Capital region welcomes over 7 million visitors per year, who spend over $1.3 billion chosen.

Ottawa was ranked sixth in the world for quality of life by the Corporate Resources Group, a Swiss-based management firm.

With technology, the customer is always right.

"We all have one thing in common - we are all consumers. And we know the difference it makes in a retail environment when customer service not only meets, but exceeds our expectations. In an age where the 'good old days' are behind us and technology replaces a great deal of human interaction, it is refreshing to note that technology can actually assist in creating positive customer service scenarios".

David Chalk

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